The structure can support lighting design, backdrop, décor and more. We can design it to make your event unique and unforgettable. We use different sizes, angles and curve truss to customize your dream structure.

Our structure is simple, safe and very strong. It allows loads to be raised up to height of 40'. The 15" ground support tower (2 tons pre-rigged super truss) at 40' high consist of a base, hinge section 2'6" tower, 5' tower, 3-10' tower roller beam, and suitable sleeve block.

We use JC Blocks & Roc-off Bases 5000 lbs  to match any anchoring weight.

LED Support                                

They support LED video walls for special events, one or multiple walls can be supported by a customized LED support

Banner Support

This banner support help your event name stands out. We can customize it with the size and height your need.

Grid Support

It is a multi-functional support, mainly use for boxing events and conventions to support all lighting, but you can also us it to hang banners.


 If you do not find what you are looking for, ask us we can have it for you.

JC Blocks & Roc-off Bases 5000 lbs (Multi-functional Bases)


They can match any anchoring weight (5000 lbs) in a stable and safe way.

Compatible with 20".5, 15" and 12" truss.

Can be used below roof systems, stand alone configuration, goal post systems and single tower configuration.  

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