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Since 1998, ROC-OFF has been leading the Nation in stage and production, offering quality event services to clients for corporate presentations, sporting events, concert tours, festivals, and more. We achieve superior results by taking on the event as our own and using only quality equipment, well-trained personnel and efficient methods of completing projects.  

By joining Mountain Productions, we offer additional resources that excel your events! Call our team which will give you the best advice!

Vibe MTN

At Vibe MTN, we create unforgettable and impactful design that contextualizes your brand’s personality. Creating and relaying your brand identity is so much more than just getting people to recognize you. We create thought provoking art and installations that allow your followers to interact with your brand at an experiential level.

Brand reliability and connection creates a huge advantage in today’s world where your connected customers are your greatest marketing resource. Create an environment with Vibe MTN that people want to follow, share, and talk about.


MTN Cube - Ballast System

The Next Generation of Ballast Systems - CONNECT. CUSTOMIZE. CREATE.

A cube with curves.

  • Compact Design

  • Universal Truss Compatibility

  • Customization Aesthetics




MTN BOX® cases represent the perfect combination of strength and versatility. These road cases are designed to keep your valuable assets protected during storage and transportation. Our unique insert system gives you the ultimate freedom to partition, organize, and pack your case to your exact specifications.
This is the last road case you will need to invest!


Staging School

Mountain Productions has been committed to training, safety and the highest form of education in the live event production industry for four decades.

We are proud to have hosted over 1,000 students from 12 countries over the past 33 years and to have built one of the most prominent educational experiences in our industry. We are excited to be ushering this legacy into a new online platform that will serve as an industry reference guide, with up-to-date and engaging content, so we can reach more people across the world to inspire a whole new generation of entertainment professionals.



Founded in 1979, Mountain Productions quickly rose to become North America's leading live event production company. The MTN SHOP was launched in 2014 in an effort to offer our friends and colleagues the same high-quality products that our own crews use on thousands of job sites around the world.

In 2016, MTN SHOP expanded to Europe, basing their EMEA operations in Dublin, Ireland, to offer the same quality products to our international friends. As we grew into new product lines and serviced new industries, the once simple Rigging Shop has grown into MTN SHOP, a multi-industry, multi-continent e-commerce powerhouse.