SL 100 Mobile Stages

The SL-100 has the smallest footprint of the autostages Mountain Productions has to offer. At 24' x 20', the SL-100 is small enough to fit into areas with limited space, yet still provides many of the same great features as our larger mobile units.

Perfect for Practically Anything

With multiple deck configurations ranging from bandshell to main stage, the SL-100 is the most versatile mobile unit available. Whether you are using it as a performance stage or a front of house mix position, the SL-100's size allows it to adapt to the changing needs of your event. The SL-100 is also the only all-aluminum mobile unit featuring a fully hydraulic stage set-up.

With full rigging capability, the SL-100 can hold loads up to 5,400 lbs at trim as well as 3,800 lbs while being raised. Like the other SL models, the SL-100 comes with set rigging points along the upstage and downstage roof. 

SL 100 Specifications

SL - 100 Mobile Stage Drawing

SL - 100 Mobile Stage Drawing


Performance Area: 24' x 20'

Stage Height: 3' 6" to 4' 3'

Upstage Clearance: 13' 8"

Downstage Clearance:14' 5"

Trailer Length: 34' 10"

Trailer Width: 8'


Load Bearing Capacity: 5400 lbs

Built-in Rigging Points(4): 350 lbs ea

Trusses in Central Roof(2): 700 lbs ea

Front Truss(1): 500 lbs ea

Rear Truss(1): 500 lbs ea

Side Speaker Points: 800 lbs ea

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