SL 320 Mobile Stages

Becoming more popular over the past few years, the SL-320 is the largest stage in the SL family. Its high wind resistance and large load bearing capabilities make it a great choice for almost any festival or concert. Being used by touring acts around the world, the SL-320 has proven itself time and time again.

With additional roof supports and a stronger roof grid, the SL-320 is more than capable of holding the heavy loads that larger size acts require. And like all of our SL models, the SL-320 allows a timely setup with fewer hands than a conventional stage of its size.

Proven Strength and Rigging Capacity

Featuring a roof with a 26,000 lbs capacity, the SL-320 is capable of holding some of the most intricate lighting rigs and, like the other models in the SL line, has several built-in rigging points along its roof capable of holding 1,000 lbs per point. With incredibly strong sound wing extensions, up to 4,000 lbs on each side, the SL-320 can handle full-size line arrays that are standard for larger acts.

Standard on the SL-320 are 16'(w) x 16'(d) stage extensions that can be used to increase the performance area, either as a monitor mix with ample room or as additional speaker supports. Mountain Productions' available custom weather protection encloses more than half of the structure and is arguably the best in the industry and second to none in protection.

SL 320 Specifications



Performance Area: 40' x 40'

Stage Height: 3' 6" to 6'

Upstage Clearance: 22' 11"

Downstage Clearance: 25' 5"

Trailer Length: 53'

Trailer Width: 8'2"


Load Bearing Capacity: 26,000 lbs

Built-in Rigging Points(4): 1,000 lbs ea

Trusses in Central Roof(2): 3,000 lbs ea

Front Truss(1): 2,000 lbs ea

Rear Truss(1): 2,000 lbs ea

Side Speaker Points: 2,000 lbs ea

Christ the Rock Community Church - Cooper City, FL

Christ the Rock Community Church - Cooper City, FL



Pocono Downs Summer Series

Pocono Downs Summer Series