SL 250 Mobile Stages

The most popular model of hydraulic autostage, the SL-250 combines both size and strength to become the sought after choice of universities and small festivals across the country. With a 32' x 24' performance area, the SL-250 is large enough to fulfill almost any rider, yet its footprint is small enough to fit into limited areas. Not only a space saver, the SL-250 saves time as well. With a setup time of under two hours with as few as two hands, the SL-250 is great for events with tight scheduling.

Weather Protection and Soft-good Options

The SL-250 has available three-sided vinyl weather protection. Providing seamless coverage from the elements, these walls will also enhance lighting effects to give your event a more professional look. Removable panels cut into the side walls allow access to loading ramps and stairs without compromising the integrity of the weather protection.

To increase visibility of your event and its sponsors, the SL-250 can have custom soft-goods mounted to both the stage roof and the sound wings. This helps generate visibility for your sponsors and adds a finished look to your stage.

Incredible Rigging Capacity For Lighting & Sound

Despite its size, the SL-250 has a very high rigging capacity. A roof capable of supporting 12,000 lbs allows the SL-250 to easily handle most lighting plots. Like the other SL models, the SL-250 has built-in rigging points strategically placed for optimal lighting positions.

In addition to the lighting points, the SL-250 also comes with sound wing extensions capable of holding 1,000 lbs per side. These heavy duty extension wings make it easy for the SL-250 to support any configuration of speakers an event may require. Standard 8' x 8' sound wings on either side of the stage also allow speakers to be ground-stacked without detracting from the performance area.

SL 250 Specifications



Performance Area: 32' x 24'

Stage Height: 3' 6" to 5' 3'

Upstage Clearance: 15' 8"

Downstage Clearance:18' 6"

Trailer Length: 45' 1"

Trailer Width: 8'6"


Load Bearing Capacity: 12,000 lbs

Built-in Rigging Points(4): 1,000 lbs ea

Trusses in Central Roof(2): 2,000 lbs ea

Front Truss(1): 1,000 lbs ea

Rear Truss(1): 1,000 lbs ea

Side Speaker Points: 1,000 lbs ea

Butterfly Festival 2019 - Coconut Creek, Florida.

Butterfly Festival 2019 - Coconut Creek, Florida.

Lehigh University Event

Lehigh University Event

Uproar Concert 2019 - Florida International University

Uproar Concert 2019 - Florida International University